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Principal Platinum Sponsor
Bergen Group

Since 1983, Bergen Group has set up a benchmark every year in setting up high standards & cost effective solutions for the Indian Electronics, Automotive, Education and Solar industry to name a few. Started humble beginning in 1983 as only a sales & service organisation as a single company, today it has evolved into a multi company, multi location & multi activity based group. While best services for the customer satisfaction is always a focus, this helped group today to reach a customer base from educational institutes to small/medium volume organisation to a large multi-billion dollars organisations as well. Today the group is involved in the activity of sales, services, R&D, manufacturing & solar power generation. Group has nurtured a strong & long standing relationship with many of the partners from abroad as well as inside India. Group has customized their technologies to meet the local requirements of quality & best cost performance ratio. The Bergen Group strongly believes that success is a continuous phenomenon. We have benchmarked ourselves with the best business practices followed globally. Rated as one of the leading company in the field of PCB Assembly, PCB Manufacturing, Solar manufacturing & power generation, Bergen is known to be providing a best customer specific solution in the industries we work for. We have been certified as ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system certification. We believe and adhere firmly to the follow the quality management practices. For Bergen group, our people are our assets. We believe in building better organisation by training the young talented recruits by best professionals from abroad. Our HR policy stands on four pillars of Trust, confidence, Care & Training for our people. Today Bergen Group has significantly supported various industrial organisations , defence organisations & educational institutes. But even Rural India has not been left untouched by our activities. Bergen group is proud to be associated with as many as 50 rural villages across India where solar power energy was provided along with basic education as well as healthcare infrastructure.

Carrier Bag Sponsor
Trina Solar

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is a world leader in solar modules, solutions and services. With high quality products and technological innovations, Trina Solar provides clean, affordable and reliable energy to homes, businesses and power plants around the world.
To date, the State key Laboratory of pv Science and Technology has broken 14 world records for solar cell efficiency and module power. The company has achieved more than 21GW of cumulative shipments worldwide and is ranked as one of the most bankable PV module manufacturer.
Headquartered in Singapore, Trina Solar's Asia Pacific and Middle East regional capabilities comprise of salesm, marketing, R&D, technical support, product management, finance and logistics, with more than 50 employees located in 5 sales offices within the region. It is fastes growing region, with shipments to more than 20 countries, including Australia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Jordan, UAE and others.

Tea/Coffee Break sponsor
Alter NRG

Alter NRG plasma gasification system is an environmentally sustainable platform that will utilize the countries waste streams to create renewable energy. The Alter NRG plasma gasification system, that utilizes its Westinghouse Plasma (WPC) torches, excels by gasifying difficult waste streams (Municipal Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, and Industrial Waste, Medical Waste etc.) to create a low-cost syngas that can either be utilized for industrial scale power/liquids production or as a fossil fuel replacement. Alter NRG's plasma gasification system and its WPC technology has been operating commercially in several countries for over a decade and has proven to be a reliable and efficient platform for the conversion of waste into valuable energy.

Water Bottles sponsor
Alter NRG

Praj, a global company driven by innovation and integration capabilities, offers solutions to add significant value to bio-ethanol/alcohol plants, brewery plants, water & wastewater treatment systems, critical process equipment & systems, high purity solutions for Pharma, Biotech, F & B and Cosmetics industry and bio-products. Over the past 3 decades, Praj has focused on environment, energy and agri process led applications. Praj has been a trusted partner for process engineering, plant & critical equipment and systems with over 750 references across five continents in 75 countries. Sustainability is at the core of its offerings.

Digital Wall Sponsor

NTPC is India's largest power utility with an installed capacity of 46,653 MW, plans to become a 128,000 MW company by 2032. Established in 1975, NTPC aims to be the world's largest and best power major. NTPC has comprehensive Rehabilitation & Resettlement and CSR policies well integrated with its core business of setting up power projects and generating electricity. The company is committed to generating reliable power at competitive prices in a sustainable manner by optimising the use of multiple energy sources with innovative eco-friendly technologies thereby NTPC is contributing to the economic development of the nation and upliftment of the society. The future lies with renewable energy. Renewable energy technologies provide clean and green sources of electricity. With their abundance supply, they form the backbone for India's energy security and 'energy independence' as envisaged by 2020. We aim to transform NTPC into the country's largest green power producer in the coming years. Green power is national power. NTPC has drafted its business plan of capacity addition of about 1,000 MW through renewable resources by 2017. In this endeavour, NTPC has already commissioned 310 MW Solar PV Projects. 50 MW Solar PV at Anantpur in Andhra Pradesh, 260 MW Solar PV at Bhadla in Rajasthan and 250 MW Solar PV at Mandsar in Madhya Pradesh and 8 MW Small Hydro Projects are under implementation.


The Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) was established in the year 1987 as a specialized public financial institution under the administrative control of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), with an objective to promote, develop and extend financial support to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency/ Conservation Projects in India. IREDA has played a pioneering role in the promotion and development of renewable energy in the country. It has acted as a vital bridge in commercialisation of the sector by providing innovative and customised financial instruments across the entire value chain of the cleantech sector. Till the end of Financial Year 2013-14, IREDA has sanctioned more than 2100 clean energy projects with loan commitment of Rs. 26,278 crores. This has supported the growth of Renewable Energy sector in India.


Coal India Limited (CIL) as an organized state owned coal mining corporate came into being in November 1975 with the government taking over private coal mines. With a modest production of 79 Million Tonnes (MTs) at the year of its inception CIL today is the single largest coal producer in the world. Operating through 81 mining areas CIL is an apex body with 7 wholly owned coal producing subsidiaries and 1 mine planning and consultancy company spread over 8 provincial states of India. CIL also fully owns a mining company in Mozambique christened as 'Coal India Africana Limitada'. CIL also manages 200 other establishments like workshops, hospitals etc. Further, it also owns 26 technical & management training institutes and 102 Vocational Training Institutes Centres. Indian Institute of Coal Management (IICM) as a state-of-the-art Management Training 'Centre of Excellence' - the largest Corporate Training Institute in India - operates under CIL and conducts multi disciplinary management development programmes.

Oil India Limited

The story of Oil India Limited (OIL) traces and symbolises the development and growth of the Indian petroleum industry. OIL is a premier Indian National Oil Company engaged in the business of exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas, transportation of crude oil and production of LPG. OIL also provides various E&P related services. OIL has over 1 lakh sq km of PEL/ML areas for its exploration and production activities, most of it in the Indian North East, which accounts for its entire crude oil production and majority of gas production. Oil India Limited, one of the five best major PSUs and one of three best energy sector PSUs in the country.

Oil India Limited

Organic Recycling Systems Pvt Ltd is Incorporated in 2008 as a strategic initiative between a team of technocrats, environment sector experts & Samruddhi Group to promote 'Green field' technology driven projects in the field of integrated urban waste management in the country.
Our focus is on developing & providing scientific solutions to the waste disposal needs of our clients with an assurance of commercial viability to our stakeholders. Our aim is to be the leading Integrated Solid Waste Management Company in India.

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